It’s Your Faith & Focus That Will Close The Gap Between You and Your Goal

Having to admit the gap between you and your goal is often pretty difficult. This probably stems from giving too much attention to your past and future more than your actual present.

Whether your current goal is for your faith, your life, business, or a hybrid of them all, you first have to get honest with the gap. Where you are vs. where you want to be.

It’s not always easy getting that honest with yourself, but it is crucial in setting yourself up for success and the next step. And can we just take a second to agree that YOU are the one who needs to define what success looks like for you?

Got Faith?

Let’s take a look at your faith. Faith is what you believe. Since you act what you believe, being unsure of those beliefs means that you will consistently struggle with consistency!

Consider this perspective and maybe even adopt and adapt into your daily life:

My EXPERIENCE affects what I EXECUTE, but it’s my IMAGINATION 

that sparks the INNOVATION needed to achieve my goals!

Deana Farrell

To really help this stick and solidify its potential impact for you, let’s break down it’s key terms:

  • Experience = what we know
  • Execution = applying what we know
  • Imagination = what doesn’t yet exist
  • Innovation = creating what we want to see

The word we really want to hone in on from this list is imagination. You’re going to love this!

The root meaning of imagination is, “to picture oneself

The root of the word, image, comes from the Hebrew word, eikon (pronounced icon), meaning, “the replication or representation of an idea”.

As Christians, we believe that we were created in God’s image.

We can all agree that before we “were”, we were non-existent. So where did we come from?

As believers of creation – we can say that we came from God’s imagination, we were His idea.

By faith we understand that the universe was formed at God’s command, so that what is seen was not made out of what was visible.

Hebrews 11:3

Let that sink in and here’s a brief recap what was just introduced here:

  • The root meaning of imagination is “to picture oneself” 
  • The root word imagination is image, which comes from the Hebrew word EIKON (pronounced icon)
  • This word eikon means “the replication or representation of an idea”

The Power of Words

We all know the power of words. In Genesis chapter one we see that what God said, was created. It came into existence. From verse one to verse twenty-eight, God’s words created things into being out of His imagination.

But wait, there’s more. If you look at the first words of verse twenty-nine…

“Then God said, “I give you…”

Can you feel the LOVE in those words?! After creating the the whole world and the first humans to be part of it, He GIVES.

The power of God’s word. From the words that created all things to words that literally gave life. No wonder the Bible is known as His Word.

Guess what the Greek word for WORD is? It’s LOGOS and it means “the expression of thought”.

Hang with me here…

It’s incredibly beautiful and profound that we:

  • came from God’s imagination (picture oneself), were
  • created in His image (from eikon, the replication or representation of an idea),
  • spoken into being at His word (logos, the expression of thought)

And have the opportunity to make Him our ultimate “icon” (EIKON), the representation of what He had in mind all along, every day!

Where’s Your Focus?

Your focus is probably somewhere between your imagination and some form of innovation to pursue that imagination. Remember that gap between us and our goal?

Imagination = seeing what we want that doesn’t yet exist

Innovation = creating what we want to see

Surrounded by logos and often found to display them proudly, but if a logo is truly an expression of thoughts, who’s are we representing? Are they in alignment with ours? With God’s?

How many of us truly use our imagination and get real innovative to truly become the expression of God’s thoughts, and bear His LOGO?

Restoration Labs

I recently wrote about what happens when we stop planning. (You can check it out here – psst…it’s about experimenting with your goals) To take that thought a step further, we’ve got to get in the “lab” and see what’s fact, non-changing elements and what part of us we mix with those.

We’ve got to work on Restoring Our Faith Focus – it’s the basis of everything we do.

“My EXPERIENCE affects what I EXECUTE, but it’s my IMAGINATION 

that sparks the INNOVATION needed to achieve my goals!”

Ask yourself these questions when it comes to truly adopting and adapting this mantra to your everyday life & business:

  • What “unknown” am I allowing to prevent my execution? Is it really unknown? 
    Whew, this is where getting honest with yourself becomes really crucial. You need to admit the gap vs. the goal, then do something about it.
  • What ideas have I given up on or let go of? Why? Is that the real reason or just the one that sounds noble?
    **What has God revealed to me about those ideas recently?
    How can I align those ideas with being His LOGO (expression of thoughts), and how can I commit to getting innovative to the point of execution?
  • When was the last time I pictured myself the way God intended? Do it now and then write down what HE SEES.
    Who does HE say you are? What is it that He says you’re capable of? How has He uniquely equipped you to innovate and execute closing the gap between you and that goal?

Restoring my faith & focus to close the gap between goals right there with ya,

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