The Influence of Expectancy In your Business, Life & Faith

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Business expectancy can sometimes be a bit of an oxymoron. One day we’re expecting the “other shoe to drop,” and the next, flawlessly executed plans. And the reality looks more like bouncing somewhere between the two of those expectations. Today’s post is to get us to explore the influence of expectancy in our business, life and even faith, and arrive at the best strategies to leverage positive expectations.

Understanding the power of expectancy

Anticipation or the belief that a certain outcome or result will happen is expectancy in a nutshell. Psychologist Victor Vroom’s work was amont the first to point out that an individuals’ motivation is influenced by their expectations of achieving desired outcomes.

Our beliefs and expectations play an important part when it comes to shaping our thoughts, emotions, and ultimately, our behaviors. 

Positive expectations tend to have us approach situations with 

  • confidence, 
  • enthusiasm, and 
  • determination. 

Negative expectations, on the other hand can lead us down the path to

  • to self-doubt, 
  • anxiety, and 
  • decreased effort.

Where do your expectations L.I.E.?

Leadership, impact, entrepreneurship. . .bet you didn’t think that’s what I meant by L.I.E., did ya? Think about it, when it comes to your leadership, the impact you hope to have, and your entrepreneurial journey–what are your expectations for each?

As a leader, are you 

  • Communicating positive expectations?
  • Creating an environment of collaboration?
  • Fostering belief in your team’s capabilities to achieve ambitious goals?

Expect your team to excel and they will meet those expectations when you provide the right environment and support.

First, you must determine just what that environment and support looks like. While it can vary according to your goals, business, and even personalities, there are some “standards” to include.

→ Clarity of purpose. Know what you’re pursuing, why, and how.

Beautiful Messterpiece Book

Plans and strategies, and yes, they are different. I dedicate a whole chapter to myth-busting these as well as time-management, passion, purpose, and choosing YOUR priorities in my book!

Partnerships are another important criteria for effective leadership. Especially if you hope to have a lasting impact!

Impact can only be truly  effective when it’s combined with consistent action and growth.

Without consistent action and growth, you’ll remain feeling stuck, frustrated, and going in circles. Here’s the part that trips most of us up, expecting that action and growth to go smoothly, easily, and dare I say, perfectly.

When what you do is impactful it can fuel your productivity, your engagement, and ultimately your message’s reach. This is where your clarity of purpose comes in, those plans & strategies come in handy, and having true partnerships come into play. (also in the upcoming book – Chapter 7 to be exact)

These principles are good baselines for your business, but what about your everyday life, and even in your faith? How do you keep those expectations realistic? 

Here are some tips when it comes to those relationships → Read Now and when it comes to your faith, there are some perspectives I’d like to share and close with.

Living Expectantly

The right expectations of God breed confidence. This confidence is a direct result of our trust in Him, proof of His promises throughout history, the present and in the future. Yet, none of that is possible without the willingness to lean into His Word with the right attitude. In other words, expect does not equal what we wish for.

Our limited potential is directly proportional to our respect for, trust in, and obedience to God.

When was the last time you put your confidence in what

  • God said over what you wanted?
  • He already promised over what you feel unworthy of?
  • Jesus did for you* over the hoops you still jump through & guilt you still carry?

Faith Expectations

*Jesus did MORE than just take on and forgive your sins (read the common hang-up about sin here) on the cross. His sacrifice RESTORED the relationship between us and God. Believe what Jesus did on your behalf at the cross, and boom! You instantly have access to God, the Father. 

The cross is not where you get your ticket punched to get on the eternal life bus when you die, it’s the key to unlock your one on one relationship with the Almighty God. Oh, and for added measure, your eternal life starts the moment you accept what Christ has done for you to have that kind of access.

I don’t know about you, but that makes you LIVE, THINK & ACT differently. Wanting others to have that kind of freedom now, and pursuing the dream we’re meant to live here and now, is what we were created and designed for when we are in alignment with Him. But it’s going to take and not getting distracted by the opinions, distortions, or flat out contradictions to what His Word says.

Focus on expecting and respecting His direction to guide you and your decisions and you’ll be just fine. You don’t have to have a full understanding of HOW God works, to know that His ways do!

    “My thoughts are nothing like your thoughts,” says the Lord.
And my ways are far beyond anything you could imagine.
For just as the heavens are higher than the earth,
    so my ways are higher than your ways
    and my thoughts higher than your thoughts.

Isaiah 55:8-9 NLT

Next Expectations from good to great!

Expecting for or from will make all the difference in your faith, life & business.

Transition your expectations for things, outcomes, or results, and have a mind to work from a place of expectancy.

One that fosters clarity, confidence, and consistency. From a place of resilience, redemption, and knowing that when you’re working in alignment with God, you’ve got plenty of reinforcement!

Take the time today to find the alignment with the assignment you know you were meant to carry out and you’ll keep that breezy focus we’ve been working on. (catch pt. 1 here)

This post comes with a prayer that you’ll be bold enough to release the pressure on yourself, trust the process, and get out there and create the pathway others are counting on you to pioneer!

Living with expectation expectantly right there with ya,

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