The One Place To Find Clarity – Where To Look

We look for lots of things but often neglect to take the time to find clarity when it comes to the bigger picture of our life. To be honest, finding clarity comes down to knowing where to look for it. And that’s what this post is all about.

Spoiler alert! For those who skim to find the “answer” first, the place to find clarity is inside of you. That’s the one place you’ve got to look. However, the defining moment comes in what you do once you find what’s really going on in there.

Confused? Well, in some ways, that’s a good thing!

Confusion is a clue and the only way to find clarity is to ask questions. So first up, will you investigate or keep circulating around the bigger issue?

Don’t say that you don’t have time – that’s an excuse!
If you suffer from the captivity of activity, this gem of a guide was designed with you in mind.

Now let’s get back to the task at hand – finding clarity, and where to look. I kinda already told you where to look, but by the length of this post you probably already guessed there’s more to it than that. And you’re absolutely right! 😉

Purpose vs. Clarity

Which comes first, finding your purpose or your clarity? Well, first let’s define some terms. Clarity is the quality or state of being clear; easily understood. To help solidify this meaning, let’s look at the opposite of clarity, which would be words like, obscure, unclear, or hard to understand.

Purpose, on the other hand, is the reason something exists or is done, made, or used. It’s also the object/subject of an end goal.

One is a pursuit with meaning and has an end goal [purpose], while the other, bring the how to get there into focus [clarity].

So understanding purpose leads to the way to finding clarity. Great blog, Deana, thanks – see ya! Just kidding! You know there’s more to it than that.

Core Values are Key

The key to understanding purpose comes by way of identifying who you are at your core. Once you accept how you were designed, beyond your titles, labels, and history, you’re better equipped to free yourself from comparison and opinions.

Unfortunately, we go to culture to define and refine what it is that we value and if we are valuable. Well, those books, magazines, beauty standards, lavish lifestyles, physical appearance, and corporate and political powers influencing values, change. Then what?

Are we as shallow as culture preys and predicts we are or are we proof that we’re as deep as God’s imagination and created in His image? 

Let that question marinate for a minute…

Here’s a question to ponder – who’s character would you rather be known to be after – God’s or culture’s? Need help in deciding? Look at Psalm 145, for some clarity about God’s character, and for culture’s? Well, just turn on the television (their goal is their name, by the way, tell – a – vision). One will knock your socks off, and the other, tell you what kind to buy.

And who do you think appreciates your finding clarity when it comes to your true purpose?

Here’s a hint: Jeremiah 9:23-24

Culture misses the whole point of life and is literally hell-bent on stepping all over you if you’re in their way. God loves you enough to help you find clarity to pursue your purpose and tell you why it really matters. 

The One Place

Do you spend more time, money, and energy praising the values of the world we live in, or understanding that our heavenly inheritance is already reflected in our earthly existence? 

The benefits of our eternity aren’t just wrapped up and saved for later. No, I believe there are opportunities to see and experience God here and now. Are you seeing and experiencing Him? If you’re not, then you need to spend some more time with Him. Ask, seek, knock, and you will get answers.

The clarity that you are ultimately searching for all comes down to one place and, one choice. And it’s this…

Once you make the decision to accept Jesus’ work on the cross was done on your behalf, your eternity with Him begins. He was the sacrifice for our sins. (Read this to see what sin really comes down to) He took our place and experienced the punishment for all that separated and separates us from God. Then He did what none of us could ever do, He overcame death, for me, for you. The cross literally serves as a bridge, direct access to God through Jesus.

There’s only one place, to find the purpose uniquely and specifically designed for you – in your heart, accepting what Jesus did for you, and believing what God says about you. Then, my friend, you’ll know how to LIVE with clarity, from here to eternity!

thankful for the clarity to live with purpose right there with ya,

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