The power of grace

What do you think of when you hear the word grace? How about when you see the word grace?

For most of us, it’s not a common vernacular we use in our everyday. Yet, our everyday is just full of it – if we take the time to see it.

You may be thinking at this point what on earth am I talking about?!

See, I’m still navigating some really HARD things in my life right now. Some are the result of my own choices and decisions and others by far, not mine.

Early this year I wrote a post about giving yourself some grace when it comes to moving toward your goals. You can read that post here. At that time the word grace was on the forefront of my mind because it was my 2018 word. A word I was totally resistant to accept because I knew that I would need to be on both the receiving and giving end of grace. Nevertheless, I couldn’t “shake it” and it was my word.

Since “accepting” grace as my word, I have never been more aware of what I suspected – I needed to receive it as much as I needed to give it! Well, the last five months in particular have been among the HARDEST I’ve faced. I’d love to hold out hope that these past months will be the hardest I’ve ever faced, but I’m young enough to live awhile longer and old enough to know better.

Here’s the part that I really wanted to share with you and hopefully it will prove to be an encouraging perspective for you. (in all honesty, that’s my hope for all of my posts!) This perspective came to me the other day when I was just staring at “my word”, GRACE. (yes, I write my word for the year and keep it where I can always see it) 

What I “saw” within the word GRACE was this:

GR – that’s right I saw GR as in grrrrrrrr!!! reminding me that sometimes things just seem to get too stinking hard! But before I could whine about that, I saw…

RACE – which reminded me to stay the course, remember that I’m in it for the long haul and stay focused on MY race. The part of this that really struck me was yes, a little envy of other’s race records, trophies, pit crew, etc. also reminded me that as much as those I love are hurt or hurting, I can’t run their race FOR them. That one’s tough. And finally…

ACE – I know, this one seemed odd even to me, but there it is right at the end of the word grace. So that got me scratching my head, what’s my ace? Who are my aces? What can I do to be an ace for someone?

So my encouragement and challenge to you today is to remember to give grace as much as you need it and together we can make a BIG difference in each other’s lives.

We each have “parts” of this thing called life figured out, but no one on this side of heaven has it ALL figured out! 

Seeking grace for the race right there with ya,

Struggling to find your grace in the midst of the grrrr! and the race or wondering who’s your ace and how to even be one? Let’s set up a time to chat



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