The results are in…

Yesterday was an Election Day and the results are in of who won and who lost. 

Some people are very happy while others very disappointed.

This got me to thinking about a few things…

How am I doing in the areas I was “elected” to do a job?

Am I exceeding expectations or barely meeting them? If I’m honest it could be both depending on if it’s something I enjoy or even want to do. Often times when it comes to the things we have to do, we’ll do the what we have to do just to get the job done.

We all have necessary things to be done that we don’t want to do. For some, it’s a job you have to go to everyday, the time you have to get up, the homework you have to do, the meetings you have to hold, the laundry you have to do…and the list goes on and on.

The results we get from the things we have to do will vary depending on our attitude about them.

What does that mean? 

It means…

  • if I have the attitude that I’m thankful for the job I get to go to everyday I’ll probably perform better.
  • even though I’m not happy with the time I have to wake up, I’m thankful I woke up!
  • if I’m doing homework, I have the ability to do it and the privilege of an education.
  • if I’m holding a meeting I’m also holding a place of influence and have an opportunity to use it for good
  • the laundry I have to do means I have clothes to wear (and so do my loved ones if I’m doing theirs too!)

So if you are looking for different results in the areas of your life you were “elected” to take care of – take a look at the attitude and work you are putting in.

Does something need to change? Maybe the most important thing to change is your belief.

We act what we believe so look closely at what you’re believing to be true. Once you’ve taken a good look at your expectations and your beliefs see if the results are matching up!

Looking to believe that I can exceed expectations right there with ya,

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**this blog was previously published, but I thought the sentiment still applied today

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