The Serious Progress & MAP Your Goal Needs Now

Who doesn’t love making serious progress when it comes to our goals?

In this post we are going to delve into the three major components you’ll need in order to see that progress. And sooner rather than later!

First, let’s take a quick assessment regarding your current 30-Day goal. When it comes to where you are now and where you want to be in the next 30 days, where would your “dot” be on that line?

You don’t have or make 30-Day goals? You may want to start with that as a goal!

How is it that we can find the energy, enthusiasm and passion to go into great detail about our biggest “someday” goals, like it were a paid Super Bowl commercial, but not the immediate ones? Like the 30 days from now ones.

Without smaller goals, and timeframes to achieve them, progress toward our biggest ones will remain a hope more than an actual reality.

So if you haven’t already, it’s time to get seriously serious about those smaller goals. And timeframes. I’m a huge fan of 30-Day goals. Because they work!

Whether you are looking at your big someday goal or the smaller one, say – 30 days from now, you’re going to need a good MAP to get you there.

Here’s one of my MAP formulas (yes, I have a few…) that I like to use when I’m already having trouble getting started. Maybe you have trouble at the starting line too. If that’s the case, you’ll love this MAP formula!

It’s one that I go to when I know I’m not in the “mood” to get after it. Ever get like that? Well, I do and this particular MAP helps me decide if I’m on the right track and how to get back on if I’m not.

Motivation is the first step toward progress.

Many want to wait to make a move or take action until they feel motivated. There’s one big problem with that mindset, and it’s the word, feel.

Folks, feelings follow choice.

In order to feel motivated you will first have to chose your motivation.

So if you’ve been sitting around waiting for the motivation to “strike”…that nonsense is all in your head. Here’s the good news friend, you have the power to control what goes on in there!

Is it always easy to control your mind from wandering or gravitating to less than helpful thoughts or thought patterns? No, but I have found something that has helped me when this struggle gets a bit rough.

And it’s this…motivation can only come from inspiration, and that is an inside job.

Motivation is the outward result of internal inspiration.

Find your inspiration and your motivation will follow!

People often say that motivation doesn’t last.
Well, neither does bathing – that’s why we recommend it daily.

Zig Ziglar

Now you have the first part of your MAP to guide you in making serious progress toward your BIG goals – motivation.

Activation is the hardest when you have no motivation.

The next step in the process is also the biggest needle mover when it comes your goal. And it’s action.

Yet, for a lot of us, we get caught up in more activity than we do the actions that result in productivity.

If busyness were a goal, we’re are crushing it! Unfortunately, busy is neither a competitive sport nor a recognized accomplishment.

What’s a goal-getter to do? For starters, define the destination, then you can discover the gap that needs closing.

All that’s left after that is to determine what to-do’s and don’ts it will take to close that gap. Then ACTIVATE!

Well, that’s not really all that’s left. That is if you really want to trade your activity for productivity. There’s one more step on our MAP.

Personalization is what supports the activity behind the motives.

When it comes to the path to your biggest goals, whether you forge them or follow them, you need to own your way.

Meaning, no matter what traditional, conventional or inspirational method you choose to use, you’ve got to make it personal to YOU.

Without infusing your style, personality and the uniqueness of you into your goals, there is zero chance of creating lasting motivation.

Let alone, the activation needed that will move you closer and closer to that dream of yours!

Motivation, activation and personalization is the name of the MAP that’s going to get you the serious progress you are looking to make.

Now what does that 30-Day goal look like? A whole lot more achievable I hope!

consulting and following my 30-Day MAP right there with ya,

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