The Struggle is…

We all know the struggle is… “real”.

But real what?!

Difficult, annoying, inconvenient, overwhelming…

This has become the norm and the mantra of our culture these days.

On one level the phrase brings some comedic attention to ourselves on our favorite social media channels.

Late because of traffic – the struggle is real.

Waiting for our food to arrive to our table – the struggle is real.

House is too small – the struggle is real.

Vacation is too short – the struggle is real.

More bills than paycheck – the struggle is real.

If we’re being honest – the struggle is really…OVER-EXAGGERATED.

This mantra we’ve adopted and adapted into our everyday lives is really a flippant attitude toward our 1st world “problems”.

It’s become a way to voice our envy and disappointment in having to wait for our “needs” to be met.

What if we changed this mantra to a mindset of gratefulness and opportunity?

I’m stuck in traffic, but I’m thankful I have a destination to get to and a means to get me there.

The food is taking awhile – it must be amazing! I’m thankful for the many ways I’m able to get food!

My house me be too small, but I love the people I share it with and thankful to have a place to live.

Ahh, the vacation may be too short, but I’m so thankful for the opportunity to appreciate the…change of pace, scenery, time to refresh

Bills means I have “stuff” and a paycheck means I have a job! Maybe it’s time to be better disciplined with my spending.

Hoping we can remember to be grateful of what matters most in the end, more than the “fun” of  highlighting what we “lack” in the moment.

What do you say, can we strive to be grateful more than we struggle to highlight our “real problems”?

Finding my harmony in this everyday and hoping you are too,

~ Deana

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