The wisd-umb we all get caught up in

Whoever watches the wind will not plant;
whoever looks at the clouds will not reap.
Ecclessiastes 11:4

Solomon was gifted with more knowledge than anyone who has ever lived and  manages to call “whoever” out on “their” wis-dumb in one short statement.

Are you a “whoever” who follows this type of wis-dumb?

Not the right time…”too windy”

I don’t feel like it…”too cloudy”

Being a “whoever” of this type of wis-dumb because it’s easy. Easy often feeds into and “fits” into our narrative of how hard things are to do, get past, over or get done. 

An easy mindset serves us in the short-term, but in the end really costs us our true potential.

If we believe that in order to get the best return for our efforts that we need to wait, we are fooling ourselves. We are foolish if we wait until we get:

  • better conditions
  • better resources
  • better support
  • better fill in the blank excuse we can come up with.

In his short and to the point verse, Solomon points out that if you spend too much time getting ready to get ready, you’ll end up with nothing! 

To have any chance at a harvest you have to plant, nurture and even weed before you can get to reaping a harvest. 

The work has to be put in whether the conditions are “right” or we “feel like it” or not if we want to reap the benefits.

A Prioritized Focus Mantra

Today I will stop chasing the wis-dumb of waiting for “better conditions”.
I will find and take the necessary actions that lead to a bountiful harvest!

Working to implement the right wisdom over the easy wis-dumb right there with ya,

Ask yourself?

  • What are the “wind and clouds” that are keeping me from planting for the harvest I want to reap?
  • With those “wind and clouds” out of the way, what could I actually reap in the next 30 days?

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