You’ve been duped by time management

Time management isn’t really a thing.

I know, I know. You may be feeling like a kid who just learned the tooth fairy, Santa Clause and the Easter Bunny aren’t real. But, I’m here to break the news, you’ve been duped!

Time management is just as big a myth and money maker as those others. 

Yet, we chase like it’s the little leprechaun at the end of the rainbow holding the pot of gold, which in our adult-ness IS this ever elusive myth/legend known as time management! 

The only difference is which myth we’re forking our dollars and our sense over to in order to bring “happiness”.

By now I would hope that you know I’m all about prioritized focus and helping you discover and achieve YOUR goals.

You would think with the tagline “prioritizing focus & empowering growth” I’d be all about “time management” right? It’s actually one of my biggest pet peeves!

That phrase “time management” is one of the most over & misused statements in the productivity “industry”. (and it really drives me CrAzY!)

I think this quote sums it up quite nicely…

I believe in order to know WHERE to prioritize your focus, you first need to be clear on this ONE thing….your VALUES.

Sounds simple enough, but when was the last time you REALLY sat down and honed in on your own personal core values?

I have so much more to say about the importance of this, (I even wrote about it before HERE) but I’d much rather have a conversation about it with you.

How you’ve been duped by this “time management” philosophy? (I know I’ve probably spent $1,000’s trying to manage my time over the years!) 

Do you want to know what I’ve discovered about HOW knowing what you really value can prioritize your focus to really maximize your time and your life?

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Learning to live each day with prioritized focus and teach others to do the same,

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