Time, Method & Impact – What’s Yours?

ladies holding hands in a circle with caption God's prepping you for what He's prepared for you

You have been given a specific amount of time and a unique method to potentially impact others for their benefit.

Are you using them?

I’ve been struggling with my time and unique method I’ve been given to impact others recently, so I decided to take some time and journal it out. Before I write anything new, I always go back and re-read the last entry.

The last entry in my journal closed with this prayer:

Lord, give me the focus I need to create the impact you designed for me to have, with the time and method you’ve given me to make it.

Whew! I asked for that?! Yet, it’s exactly the reminder I needed to snap myself right back into some intentional actions – aka, Prioritized Focus.

About a year ago God gave me the clarification that our deepest desires, our biggest dreams, that nagging sense of “if only we could do….”are actually His way of telling us what we were made for. AND I was to be among His marketing campaign to spread the word.

God is prepping you for what he has already prepared for you. 

That’s why we pursue our dreams before we can ever attain them.

We all have one common purpose and it’s to share the good news of God’s love for others.

The cool thing is that he created and designed us to have a specific and a unique way (method) in which to carry out that purpose.

It’s our dream.

What’s even more awesome than that is our dream is meant to impact others for their benefit. And he’s been preparing and equipping us to succeed at it our whole life. 

We just get it muddled up with all kinds of other things. Envy, doubt, fear, procrastination

When we pay attention to the clues that we are given, the faster we find the time and method to that seemingly elusive dream of ours.

I would have never guessed that writing was one of the keys to unlocking my biggest dream of being a inspirational speaker, but God has showed and proven to me time and time again that it’s exactly the BIG piece to that dream puzzle!

Yet, I have resisted, argued and more than procrastinated in making the time to use the most effective method He’s given me to inspire others. 

What unique method has God gifted you for the benefit of others?

We all have one. 

My husband is a gifted craftsman. He’s really a jack of all trades, but carpentry is truly his gift that others come to him over and over again. My mother is an amazing seamstress – the things she creates with fabric is unbelievable! My father is a self-taught diesel mechanic and can fix just about any type of machine. I’m one who encourages others over and over through words, whether written or spoken, people come to me 

What do people come to you for over and over again?

God is prepping you for what he has already prepared for you – it’s time to pay attention.

When our time becomes prioritized to focus on the method that we’ve been uniquely designed to impact others for their benefit is the time that God deems most effective.

Working to prioritize my focus on His definition of effectiveness right there with ya,


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