‘Tis your season

“‘Tis the season” may drum up thoughts of the little drummer boy for you, but I’m talking about YOUR season.

A season can mean so many different things; here are just a few:

  • a time defined by a particular circumstance
  • a natural time or occasion
  • a period of year
  • the time of a major holiday
  • a specified schedule for sports teams 

Then there are other “explanations” such as, in season or out of season that relate to timing expectations. But notice the one thing all of these definitions have in common – TIME.

No matter how you refer to season (unless it’s a spice), it refers to some type of relation to time.

So with that in mind, do you know what season you’re at your best? Meaning, is there a certain time of year that you find yourself more energized? Maybe it’s around an annual event or occasion, you are hyped for the holidays and that’s the time you just SHINE! Or you could be someone who feels you do better during any time that’s NOT a holiday!

Some of us find ourselves in an amazing season of hope and gratefulness just after a period of disappointment or discouragement – what else is there, right? I’m with ya, I’d rather go UP than spiral down.


We often think of planning in chunks of time day to day, week to week, or even month to month, but what if you looked at your plans in terms of seasons.

For me, I know the specific months I tend to be less than my best. Haven’t quite got the handle on “why”, but I know have an awareness of this “seasonal pattern” because of my detailed account of where I spend my time these last few years. But thanks to this awareness, I’m more careful about what I commit to during these months as well as what to schedule to help me get past the “funk” faster!

I encourage you to take some time to look over some past journals, planners, agendas, calendars – whatever it is you do to track your time, and see if you can recognize any patterns. I promise, this can be a huge game changer in how you prioritize your focus for the future!

Prioritizing focus on the right things in the right season right there with ya,

Not sure WHERE you’re going this season? Or which one your headed toward?

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