Virtually Overwhelmed

The world we live in now is all about being virtual…and frankly, it’s overwhelming!

Virtual is an adjective that is described as this:

  • not physically existing, but made by software to appear to do so
  • carried out, accessed or stored by a computer, especially over a network
  • simulated, artificial, an imitation or make believe
Hey, don’t get me wrong – the internet is the biggest virtual tool and can be wonderful to access information…virtually instantly!
Through the world wide web you can connect with others, whether it’s via social media, an online meeting, gaming…
and we’ve been sending virtual letters for awhile now – those are called email, remember those?
We even have virtual conversations….
  • text
  • private messenger
  • online chat

It’s amazing, easy and some would say a real time saver – right?!

So why are we so overwhelmed by it all?


…It’s so much easier to allow our eyes to do the watching and our fingers to the pointing & clicking instead of taking the time, energy and focus required to build, nurture and maintain actual relationships!

We’ve lost sight of using virtual tools as exactly that, a tool for building and nurturing relationships. 

We want everything faster and better, but most are unwilling to put in the time and effort it takes to build something that will have a strong foundation and last the test of time.

We live in a world of instant gratification, yet most success comes from the self-discipline of delayed gratification.

I hope you find the prioritized focus to build, nurture and maintain relationships that will grow you into who you need to be in order to handle the success that you seek!

What we believe, we become…let’s be REAL and bring value to others!

Striving to prioritize my focus to bring value to others right there with you,

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