Ways to simplify goal-getting: The 3-2-1 GO Method

Whether you are a 1-2-3 or a 3-2-1, kind of VAL (that’s you – Valued, Amazing Lady), any goal still begins with GO! And some of us are better at getting off the starting line than others. If you find yourself in more of the others community, today’s topic is going to be really helpful to you!

Not quite sure where you fall on the go, start, or others camp in your current goal-getting? Well here’s a question to get you started.

Which of these 3 is your typical modus operandi when it comes to going after your goals?

  1. You’re calculated and cautious. If planning for a plan were an event, you’d have gold medals.

  2. You plan, then plot your path. But, only after you found & bought the planner* with the pretty, inspiring cover, of course. 🙄

    *umm…it ain’t the planner cover, sis, it’s what the pages on the inside inspire you to actually do! And I’m talking beyond color-coding and more planning… Need something to get you going? Check out 👉 this planner. It works whether you’re a timid dabbler or a tenacious doer

  3. You just dive in and do it and figure out the details later

For most of us, the answer, if we’re a calculator, plotter, or diver, would be dependent on the stretch required of us in order to reach the goal.

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Simplifying the way to our goal seems like a goal in and of itself. Listen, we can all set some pretty fantastic and lofty goals. It’s the getting of these goals that trips us up! And that may or may not be due to how much we overcomplicate the whole dang process 😬.

What if you had a go-to formula to help make getting your goals easier?

In case you didn’t know me that well, I’m all for experimenting my way to a goal so this post will be about sharing some of one experiments for you to tweak. Allow me to open the door so that you can step into one of my “focus labs”.

This is not an end-all-be-all magic process, it is just another of my focused methods by which to insert your own scenarios. Use this 3-2-1- GO method as a model to follow or experiment with when it comes to the process you’ll take and the progress you’ll make on your own goal-getting.

I know, it’s better to give examples so that you can see how it works. But before you jump to those, I’d like to add that you are free to interchange the method from 3-2-1 or 1-2-3 depending on the goal and your preference. (you’ll see what I mean in a second) After that, it’s just plug and play for yourself!

Okay, let’s get to it! Our 3-2-1 GO example is going to come by way of looking at a typical semi-preneur’s goal setting and getting.

Oh, are you wondering what a semi-preneur is? Let’s clear that up.


one who is growing herself into an entrepreneur, but not quite there yet. Maybe it’s her status quo mindset that’s holding her back, or just too much dabbling and not enough doing. Either way, she’s got some decisions to make so that her business can grow in the direction she wants. One that transitions and postitions her to an entrepreneur.

Deana Farrell

Now back to our scheduled topic 🤣

3-2-1 GOal examples straight from a semi-preneur’s life.

First, we will start with her main goal. For our example, we’ll say that her main goal is to spread her message and get people to learn about her mission. In other words, she needs to get visible!

Got it. Her main goal: get visible.

Now that we have her main goal, we can “3-2-1” it.

First up, her 3 GOal

She’s calling her 3 goal: touchpoints

Because for her, touchpoints represent the ways that she makes herself visible to those who would most resonate with the message she’s trying to get out there.

Remember: Everybody is not your somebody, and somebody is not your everybody when it comes to the message you were comMISSIONed to deliver. 😉

These touchpoints can also open doors for those who “see her” to then learn more about her mission. So in this example, 3 represents her minimum standard to get her message visible.

👉Here are some specific ways that she can use her “3” goal of touchpoints:

  • she could post to social media 3x per week
  • she could email her list 3x per month
  • she could message 3 people per day

Now she isn’t necessarily going to do all of these things, but she now has a base formula to experiment with that keeps her on target, consistent and accountable. She can mix them up, or try different ones at different times.

The point here is that 3 represents her minimum standard to support and grow her main goal.

Next is her 2 GOal

She’s calling her 2 goal: Connections

Connections represent her desired outcome from her “3” goal of touchpoints. This “2” goal moves her from just being visible to creating an opportunity for conversation, which moves her closer to build a relationship.

Entrepreneurship is less about creating a market for people to buy from you. It’s more about building a trusting relationship with those who will not only send others to you, but in turn, applaud your mission by paying for how you choose to deliver your message.

👉Here are some specific ideas for how she can implement her “2” goal:

  • make at least 2 connections from her social media posts
  • add at least 2 new contacts to her email list
  • get at least 2 new connection’s direct contact info in order to follow up on a specific service offer

Now whether these connection goals are 2 per week, per day, or per month is totally up to her. Keeping things flexible is good, but remember to stay consistent. So 2 represents her minimum standard in pushing her closer to making connections, which can ultimately move her closer to a conversation.

Are you beginning to see how the 3-2-1 method works, how flexible yet progress pushing it can be? Good! Now let’s close out this “working example” with the final part.

Her 1 GOal

She’s looking at her 1 goal to do double duty because she’s using it to represent her #1 and best accountability regulator: Deadline(s).

Goals without deadlines are just wishes. You cannot dabble your way to a goal, you GO!

She knows that she has got to stick to her 3-2-1 GO plan for a specified period of time so that she can have some data to work with. VAL, (that’s you, Valued, Amazing Lady) it’s true for us too. Whether it’s 30 days (one of my favorite timelines), 3 weeks, or 3 months – goal-getting has to have some form of tracking and measuring in order to grow.

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👉Here are some good deadline parameters she’ll mix and use to build a baseline:

  • Maybe it’s the beginning of the month so she’ll give herself 1 week to work on her 2 connections
  • She knows consistency is the name of the game so, 1 month to work on her 3 touchpoints
  • Giving herself as much data as possible, she’s committed 1 quarter to see her overall results before she decides to stress, overthink and make drastic changes.

No matter which 1 deadline she chooses as her minimum standard, at some point, she’ll have to choose what kind of pro she will be known for, a procrastinator or a progress maker. (click here to read about those kinds of pros)

Here’s the fantastic part about the 3-2-1 GOal method, it’s knowing how much you can mix it up!

There are no mistakes with this kind of approach, only lessons that you apply to your next time. I don’t know about you, but that’s pretty freeing.

There are so many more ways that you can experiment with the 3-2-1 GOal method, but the first and most important step…make the decision to try it for yourself!

Girl, what you water grows. So stop watering the weeds of doubt, fear, what other people think should be in your garden, and when. And instead, start planting the seeds you want to see, your God-confidence, and belief in His process and the people He’ll send to help you close the gap to your dream (the one that He gave you), and get to watering those!

working my own 3-2-1 GOal method right there with ya,

Taking A.I.M. and using the 30-day planner of course!

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