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Bet you never thought of what you’re wearing could be a factor in your potential for success did ya? But what you wear for success is important. When it comes to your business there are three things that really matter. Those things are your intentions, your influence, and your ability to leave a lasting impact. What you wear and how, affects all of those things.

When it comes to what you wear for success, it all starts before you even pick up an article of clothing. In this post, we’re going to make sure you always have them. No matter what the current trends in fashion happen to be.

Who you believe you are is who you will portray.


Think of who you are portraying right now. VAL, that’s you Valued, Amazing Lady in business, I pray that you see yourself as someone you

  • are proud of
  • respect
  • speak truth to
  • support

Actions follow beliefs so it’s imperative that you are solid on what you believe and why. Who you are is one of the most crucial parts of determining all that you do. And girl, it goes well beyond and deeper than your role, title, labels, or even your history. (check out this extra resource and maybe even this post, or this one)

Wearing what matters for success

And by success, we are talking about yours. Not hers, his, that company, organization, etc. Yes, there are universal symbols of success, but only you get to determine if they are part of your standards.

Stepping into your definition of success starts with confidence.

When you think of confidence as it pertains to you, does it make you cower or come forward? Confidence can be a tricky thing. As in, does in conjure up thoughts and feelings of being cocky or calm and cordial? Only you can answer that, but whatever your answer, remember it’s seen and felt by others.

Think of confidence as elegant boldness! Confidence has more to do with being bold. Bold about who you are and what you’re doing.

Think of the benefits in both everyday life and business when you wear some elegant boldness. Things like

  • overcoming your fears
  • taking risks
  • being authentic

Now that’s an outfit we should all have on hand, right? For those of us who struggle to find our elegant boldness, thankfully there are more options!

The accessories you wear for success are important too.

I’m not one for a lot of accessories to my wardrobe. Mostly because I’m just not that good at it. How do you know what goes with what? What works and what doesn’t? Maybe you have those struggles too. Well, good news, these next items literally go with anything!

Wearing kindness is key to successful relationships.

Kindness is would probably be our go-to comfy option. It’s easy, goes with any and everything and never out of fashion.

So many advantages to wearing kindness as part of your success wardrobe

  • creates strong connections both personally and professionally
  • impactful to those around you and easily shared
  • you can wear it wherever and whenever you want

Make a quick mental note of who could benefit from seeing you wear your kindness today? Whoever came to mind is a part of a success story. It could be yours or theirs, but you’ll never know if you don’t connect!

Hope is the forgotten wearable art!

Anticipated desire is the post-it note version of hope. I’d like to think of hope more of something that we offer, and give away more than we wear it.

Closets and drawers of clothes we no longer want or need get donated, right? Those jeans you loved, that dress you had to have, but never wore. All the things you once hoped to have are often the same things someone is wanting, or even needing. Will you give it?

Your story of overcoming a setback can be just the kind of hope another needs to avoid their own fallback into despair.
Are you going to keep that story in your closet, or will you share it freely?

Love is always in style and wears nicely with anything.

It’s also the most readily available wearable and shareable there is! But much like hope, it’s one that can be neglected, ignored, or be stingy with.

If love had a wearable category it would have to be athletic wear, because it’s always active. We tend to treat love as an adjective to describe things, but really it’s a noun and a verb!

Love is the one piece of our wardrobe that should be unconditional. Yet, we make it jump through hoops in order to work! We make it about our feelings, but they’re just indicators. Don’t take directions from your feelings, take them from your choices.

And just in case no one has reminded you lately. . .

You are not overlooked or forgotten.

You are chosen and loved, and your voice matters. Your voice is how you carry God’s message, and He’ll guide you, guard you and guarantee your path if you trust Him and listen to Him.

His Message, Your MESS

Wearing your best outfit for success matters.

Remember at the beginning of this post I said that when it comes to your business there are three things that really matter? Those things are your intentions, your influence, and your ability to leave a lasting impact. What you wear and how, affects all of those things.

Wearing your elegant boldness, aka, confidence, is a reflection of your intentions.

Wearing your kindness is going to increase your visibility, likability, and ultimately your influence.

Choosing to accessorize with hope & love are the most impactful statement pieces in your wardrobe.

VAL, you Valued, Amazing Lady, you, please don’t take this lighthearted look at dressing for success lightly. Allow it to be a gentle yet powerful reminder that our mindset and identity in Christ are the reason our business success and personal fulfillment are even possible!

focused on wearing the right outfits right there with ya,

Deana Farrell with heart hands

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