What You Need To Know About Pressuring Yourself

Pressure is defined as the burden of physical or mental distress. So by definition, pressure comes from two areas: outward and inward. In other words, the things that are really weighing on you and awareness of feeling squeezed – great, got it. While I’ll bet you could easily and readily point to outward pressures, how much of that pressure comes from you? Today, let’s look at what you need to know about pressuring yourself.

There are always two sides to every coin, and if you have already guessed that’s the case when it comes to pressure, you’re a smarty. However, when met with dealing with these two sides of pressuring yourself, are you able to apply wisdom? That’s right, wisdom is applied knowledge of both good and bad and using it for the desired outcome.

Which side are you on?

More importantly, what are you going to do about it? Defining your side and your role when it comes to the pressure you put on yourself is not easy. But you know what I’m going to say next, right? It’s necessary and worth it – that is if you want to move from being a goal setter to an effective goal-getter.

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The good or bad side of pressure that you find yourself is dependent on you.

Growth, excitement, and creativity come from the good side of putting pressure on yourself. Good pressure forces you to apply what you know to what you’re trying to do. It works when you consistently prepare and practice reaching your goals.

Blocks – stumbling or road, things that are draining and stress-inducing are bad self-inducing pressures. Well, okay, some aren’t self-inflicted directly, but the result of what you allow. Yep, you accept what you allow, so pay attention to what you are “tolerating” in your life.

Pressure can create an artificial, yet safe and effective
way to reach your goal – use it wisely.

Take note of when you feel pressured the most. Is it in times of change, transition, or maybe even crisis? Know that the better you handle sudden pressures, the better you’ll become at the day-to-day ones. Whether those squeezes come from you or not.

Pressure will reveal your character more than it does your achievements.

When it comes to pressuring yourself, do you crack, cheat, or short-cut your way out from under it? Do you use it as a means to achieve because you’re bored or feel underappreciated?

Maybe right now you recognize that you are an out-of-control self-pressure cooker ready to explode because you’ve put far too many deadlines and expectations on yourself. Those too many, too close together deadlines and expectations have become counterproductive instead of progress producing. Which is what you wanted in the first place, right?

Pressure produces something – either the process and resistance to create energy and flow, or it’s absence reveals stagnation.

Without pressure how would you know where it is that you needed to improve, go bigger or try harder? If you had no foibles or fumbles, you wouldn’t be as strong or resilient the “next time”. Nope, without some kind of pressure, you’d become stagnant.

Stagnation is a state or condition marked by a lack of flow, movement, or development.

In a world full of self-help, and self-development, the sooner you become aware that no one can take over the self part of the help, or the development of YOU, the better. That being said, this would be the self-part where identifying your beneficial pressure point would prove to be, well, beneficial.

applying the kind of pressure to make progress right there with ya,


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