What’s So Good About Good Friday?

sunrise with cross on a hill with phrase - It's Friday, but Sunday is coming!

Today is Good Friday. I don’t know about you, but I struggle with “good” Friday…I get it, the result was good, but the actual crucifixion and all that lead up to it–horrific.

Yet, it was done for me, for you, for us. He, Jesus, bore shame and abandonment so we wouldn’t have to carry that with us.

We can leave our shame and abandonment at the cross.

This has nothing to do with religion (that’s a bunch of rules and seemingly endless hoops to jump through to prove someone else’s/religion’s “ideal”), but the cross has everything to do about relationship.

Relationship with the One who sacrificed for us. Some of you will roll your eyes at this and maybe even want to argue. (I get that too, there’s so much that we weren’t taught or told when it comes to the purpose of the cross – let me know if you want to grab a cup of coffee and discuss – like, seriously!)

I’m perfectly ok with not having every answer, explanation or mystery solved – the ones that are meant for me are unlocked and revealed at precisely the right time. (same is true for you too) And yet, so very personal.

I believe that all truth is God’s truth and truth always proves itself. God is bigger than my comprehension of him and its why I trust his Word, guidance and promises. And friends, that faith has served me well.

Make no mistake, I am not perfect, will never be this side of heaven. I screw up on the daily, but those do not define me nor do your mistakes define you . 👈more about that in my upcoming book!

Did you know that the Hebrew word for “sin” simply means to “miss the mark”?

(I wrote about that HERE if you want to read it)

Religion is what puts the doom and gloom on you, but it’s a relationship with Jesus that shows you the way, the truth and the life that God intends for you…hitting the mark He designed you for.


Today, I’ll be here reflecting on just what good came out of that “good” Friday all those centuries ago and making daily progress on hitting the mark He sees for me, not the ones others try and convince and persuade me to hit.

Those are the distractions that keep me from being who He says I already am, I just have to be still long enough to get His directions.

If you’re needing help overcoming distractions and it’s keeping you from losing sight of your direction. You might need help with your A.I.M.

Focused on all the good days ahead because of Good Friday,

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