What’s the best approach to keep from abandoning your goals?

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The best approach toward your goal is always the one that works with your reality. But you’ve got to be honest with yourself if you’re planning based on your ideal reality or your actual reality.

Mixing up your realities is not a best approach to goal getting and will create confusion. Confusion leads to goal abandon, and that’s certainly not what you had in mind when you decided on “this” current goal.

Finding the best approach toward your goal comes down to defining your actual reality.


Being realistic about your level of commitment, ownership, and adaptability will ultimately determine your goal’s best approach.

Your goal needs you to be committed to pursuing, persevering, and productively taking action. Commitment comes down to accountability.

Commitment means that you keep the promises that you make to yourself. Yet, we prefer to be answerable for our actions and decisions when they are attached to favorable outcomes.

Be careful to not put more pressure on the goal itself, than you do the process that will get you the closest to the favorable outcome.

Process means you’ve created a system for repeating favorable outcomes. Goals are the experimental targets to help you define the process.

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Once you’ve been real about your level of commitment, you’ve got to take radical responsibility.

If commitment was about being accountable, responsibility is about taking ownership. While you may not be able to control or predict outcomes, you have 100% control over your choices.

Choices come with consequences. Some are great, others not so much. Either way, we are responsible for our choices and the actions behind them.

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After realistic commitment and responsibility, you’ll then have to determine your flexibility level. This may be one of the final components of identifying your best approach to your goal, but nonetheless, important!

Adaptability is key in goal getting. You’ve discovered that favorable outcomes are preferred, but not exactly predictable. And the consequences of those outcomes, good or bad, are attached to our choices.

We can control our choices, but not circumstances or situations so grace and adaptability are super important to your goal getting approach.

Now it’s up to you to determine your best approach to your goals. Is it your commitment that’s lacking? Maybe you’re skipping out on taking responsibility for your goal’s outcome – good or bad. Too conformed or confined to a certain way of doing things can be another way to stall your progress.

Sooner or later you’ll have to come to your conclusion as to what’s the best approach to your goal getting. Whether you choose accountability, responsibility, or flexibility is up to you, or experiment with a hybrid of some or all – YOU GET TO CHOOSE!

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