What’s the Value of Free?

(enjoy this slightly revised and updated post from 2016)

What’s the value of free these days?

For some it’s “If it’s FREE, it’s for ME!” (we all know that person, right?)                                                                                                      

We live in a gimmee, gimmee, culture. Many of us will take just about anything they’re handing out won’t we?


We can be as skeptical as we are excited about free at times too, right?

If it’s free, it must…

  • not be valuable
  • there’s a catch
  • it’s a gimmick

Either way the word ‘FREE’ makes our ears perk up just a bit and then it takes us about a 1/2 a second to decide free’s value.

Today no matter what you feel about the word free or how you use it in your business, bartering or basic everyday, – I’d like to challenge you with these freebies that not only are in unlimited supply, they are also priceless:

Kindness is always FREE.

Smiles are always FREE.

Sharing your Titus SWAG is FREE.

Salvation is always FREE. It costs us nothing, Him everything.

Happiness will never be for $ale because you can’t buy it, it’s a choice, not an item.


Don’t give focus to what you do not have, should have or want to have, instead celebrate what you DO have!
*(work for what you don’t have, think you should have or want to have)

Freely give your kindness, your smile, your Titus SWAG and remember that neither salvation or happiness can be bought.

Time is precious and has an expiration date so don’t give it away too freely. 

So as we remember to celebrate our country’s freedom this weekend, please remember it cost someone else their very life. Please thank our military, our veterans and their families for the sacrifices they have made and endured for us.

Praying that we will become a culture that freely blesses others as well as be open to be truly blessed by others!

Undoubtedly blessed already,


What FREEBIES do you value? 

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