Who Rules?

The word that sparks attention here is – RULES. (at least for me)


Are you thinking what I’m thinking…Rules?

If you’re anything like me you are simultaneously bringing to mind the rules you can’t stand, the things you wish you ruled and the people that you think… just rule! 

So who gets to decide “who rules”?

Glad you asked…

Here’s something I found helpful that gives insight to this question and I hope that you will find it helpful too.

Diligent hands will rule, but laziness ends in slave labor. – Proverbs 12:24

Those first two words tell us who will rule; diligent hands. The second half tells us why.

Ahh, why.

As a child, we couldn’t function without an answer to WHY, yet as adults most of us have come to accept the “it is what it is” mentality.

Why have we stopped asking why? Before we go “there”, let’s get back to our Proverbial wisdom.

Diligent hands.

I don’t know about you, but this draws a picture in my mind of hard work. Specifically, intentional action.

Intentional action? (I hear that sigh and see the eye roll – stick with me.)Let’s get back to that attention grabber part – will rule.

What do you think you would be able to rule with some intentional actions?

What would any of these 4 Frustrating F’s  look like with some Diligent Hands?(or Prioritized Focusas I’m known to refer to it)

  • Family/Friends –> your relationships
  • Finances –> the “thing” that prevents or propels you toward freedom to be flexible with your time
  • Fuel –> what refreshes and even inspires you to keep on keeping on
  • Faith –> this is the Who and what you believe that drives what and why you do what you do (or won’t)

Could you really rule any or all of these 4 Frustrating F’s areas with some serious intentional actions?

Well, if you don’t – look at the alternative…laziness ends in slave labor.

You got to love Proverbs. The simplistic contrast of its quick wisdom.

First, the good news, diligent hands will rule. Then the bad news…the result if you choose not to have diligent hands, aka, intentional actions – and instead, you choose to be lazy – you’ll end up in slave labor. OUCH!

What are you a slave to these days?

When you’re lazy in your relationships, your finances, what fuels you and your faith (those 4 Frustrating F’s) guess what happens?

You end up slaving to correct them!

So let’s get back to that WHY question…

Knowing what laziness leads to, why then, would you choose anything less than diligent hands?

Hey, I want to be encouraging here and not use the L-word because I honestly don’t think that you’re lazy.
A bit “less intentional”, perhaps? But if you’re not putting in the intentional actions, don’t expect to not be slaving to correct who or what actually rules in your life.

Be intentional and stay focused! 

Channel your inner three year old and think of your ABC’S:

  • Accountability – YOU are accountable to you and for you first! (remember this post?)
  • Belief – YOU act what you believe (whether it’s true or not) so be sure you do not suffer from stinkin’ thinkin’
  • Consistency – results come from small things done over and over (and over and over) and not perfectly, just better each time

Working on having diligent hands in order to prevent any unnecessary slaving right there with ya,

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