Why Perseverance Is The Skill Every Goal-Getter Needs To Master

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Every goal-getter has certain skills that come naturally, and others that well, not so much. While you can name several that are important, I’d argue that there’s one that tops the list, and it’s perseverance.

But it only tops the list when you are finally able to commit to the goal you’re going after. We can’t call out perseverance as a priority skill if the goal hasn’t been settled or is too vague. So let’s just clear that up before we move on.

perseverance: continued effort to do or achieve something despite difficulties, failure, or opposition

The definition alone should have you nodding your head in agreement that this is a must-have for any pursuer of goals.Β  Yet, did you know that most would-be achievers give up their goals after just a few weeks?

Don’t give up, get realistic.

Sometimes we have to refrain from chasing the squirrel with the disco ball when it comes to our “next goal”.

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Let me know if this scenario sounds familiar to you…

πŸ“ŒAs you numb your mind “just scrolling your newsfeed”, you see a headline for a problem that you didn’t even know you had.

πŸ‘‰ The next thing you know, you’re hypnotically following the instructions to “click here”!

πŸ“© Now you have an urgent email full of ALL the ways your dreams will be lost and opportunities missed (especially at this price $ πŸ™„).

πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ Just like that, you’re committed to solving a problem you weren’t even aware was ruining your chances at your best life!

And we wonder why this skill of perseverance is so difficult for the aspiring goal-getter.

Here are just a few reasons so many give up on their commitment to their goal after a situation like this:

  • emotions die down after the initial hype, or at least until our next scroll
  • stepping outside that comfort zone no longer looks very inspiring
  • this goal no longer seems the emergency or even as noble a cause as it once was

Once you’ve released yourself from this unrealistic commitment, both in timing and perceived outcome, it’s back to your “happy habits”. You know, the ones that keep you in your comfy, comfort zone.

And therein lies the persistent and perpetual symptom of feeling STUCK! Yes, I said…the symptom of feeling stuck. And if that is new to you, read this.

For the rest of us, perseverance can only come from:

  • protecting and practicing our core values
  • being realistic and setting ourselves up with some D.U.M.B. goals
  • raising our standards, not the timelines

(psst…click the pic πŸ‘‡ and it will take you to more about πŸ‘†)

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Before you decide to commit to your next goal, make sure you are ready to persevere despite whatever circumstances are thrown your way.

Tips to help master your perseverance:

  • Preparation
    Have all that you need (as much as you can) ready for when it’s time to take action! Nothing kills your momentum like having to stop to search for something you could’ve had ready.
  • Discipline
    Creating good habits helps you run on auto-pilot so you don’t have to worry about your feelings getting in the way of your progress.
  • Energy
    Knowing how to manage your internal and external “go-mode” is crucial to your productivity. An origin of the word powerful comes from the Greek, energΔ“s.

Goal-getter, you know what needs to be done and that while it may be simple, it’s not going to always be easy.

You may not always be acknowledged for overcoming your doubts, fears, and obstacles in your way, make no mistake, it’s what separates you from the rest! Continue to lead and be an example of what it looks like to persevere!

As a helpful reminder and encouragement for both of us, a familiar verse from James 1:4, but maybe not the version we are used to hearing it…


prioritizing my focus on perseverance right there with ya,

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Need some help in finding just where to direct that perseverance right now? Maybe we should MAP it out together!

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