Win, Whine or…WINE?!

Is your success all about the Win, the Whine or… the Wine?!

First, let’s start with “success” – what is it to you?

Health, wealth and happiness, giving, growth and greatness or passion, placement and purpose? (can you tell I like alliteration?)

Maybe your definition of success is a hybrid of some of those, all or none of them depending on the season of life you are currently in.

Before you stop reading and think I’ve totally lost my mind, stick with me for a minute.

The Win.
This is the celebration, the victory dance, the hallelujah shout you get to have when something goes…well, RIGHT!!

The Whine.
This is the pity party, the boo-hoo, the “why me” mantras, replays and repeals that go on in our heads – and all too often out loud to anyone who will listen. It’s really the voice to our excuses.

Now this is where I throw you for a bit of a loop, are you ready?

The Wine.
The wine is all about the choice, the ingredients, the pressure and the time.

In order to have good wine, you first choose the right grapes – ripe grapes, then those grapes are squeezed, the juice is then put into proper containers, then the decision is made as to what ingredients will be added, and you wait…

Our achieved and attempts at success is much like wine.

Our journey to success begins as an ordinary thing and ends up something so much more valuable depending on if we are ready, persevere and stay in the right place until the proper time.

You see, we have to…
…decide if we are ready to pursue our version of success.
…endure and persevere the process of being squeezed! OUCH!! They’re not called growing pains for nothing!
…be sure that we are in the proper places with the right ingredients – you know, those things that influences us.
…wait. Wait until the proper time.

Because friends, if we try and force the process or speed up our success, it will be bitter. 

And no one enjoys bitter wine! We want the better wine, the sweet taste of success!

Prioritizing my focus on the savory, sweet taste of success right there with you,
~ Deana


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