Working on things vs. Things that are working

We are constantly working!

Working on things like our incredibly frustrating at times…FOUR F’S!
(in case you’re too busy to click the link – the Four F’s are our Family & Friendships, our Finances, our Faith and finding the thing that Fuels us)

Our working to-do lists consist of personal projects, home improvement projects, projects we hope to get to and those we have to get to!

Oh, and my least favorite…school projects. (I try not to get too involved in these other than providing the supplies, support and strategy, but these projects often wear on the nerves of the whole family! Can I get an amen?)

But how often do we stop to assess – IS IT WORKING?

Do we really take the time to ask ourselves the tough questions?

Probably not, because we already know WHY that project is yet to be started. 

Our reasons are often as endless as the ocean is deep.

We tend to focus on the excuses more than the possibilities!

Excuses like…not the right time, not the right place or pace…not enough time, money, energy…being afraid, feeling inadequate or just paralyzed by “what if”! 

Living in the land of gonna or maybe will get you NO WHERE!

There are seven days in a week and SOMEDAY is not one of them.

Every day has the opportunity to be one day or DAY ONE.  You get to make that choice.


“Objects at rest tend to stay at rest and objects in motion stay in motion.” Sir Isaac Newton

Inspiration comes in the doing! So get to the doing and you will soon be inspired to do more.

Accomplishment breeds an amazing result – it drives you to want more accomplishments!

Start something today even if you don’t feel like it. (you’re never going to feel like it)
[secret: I didn’t feel like writing today, but I’m glad I did and I feel good about it!]

Making progress one choice, one day at a time right there with you,
~ Deana

What are you working on today? COMMENT so we can give you a WOO! HOO!


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