Keep distraction from stealing focus from your assignment

Keeping focused on your assignment is part 4 of the exploration of the 3 Areas That Steal or Keep Your Focus. By now, I would hope that you’ve followed along and are now able to identify your own places and spaces of focus.

In today’s post, you’ll know to keep distraction from stealing your focus from your assignment.

Distraction is a tricky little bugger. For crying out loud, its name literally tells you what it does – disses your traction! As a goal-getter, who needs that?

Check out this VIDEO TIP about these little buggers

I’m not going to go into great detail about all the ways that you are and become distracted. You know you best as well as your go-to places and spaces that steal or keep you focused. What I am going to pull the thread on here is your assignment.

Your assignment goes beyond to-do’s, tasks and strategies.

Girl, that’s the easy stuff. Well, until you overthink it all, and it overwhelms you to the point of absolute inaction. (I could expand on that thought, but that would be a distraction from focusing on your assignment!)

The assignment I’m talking about here is people. I believe that there are specific people and groups who were divinely appointed to you.

You, with your uniquely gifted way of serving a particular type of person or group. And especially how you are burdened to stand in the gap for them. Those people are your divinely appointed assignment.

We tend to focus more on those that we are aware of or want to influence.

Family, friends, co-workers, clients, or those you interact with are all within your capability of influencing. You make a conscious effort to be a good influence on them.

While it’s smart to be mindful of who you’re influencing, odds are the thing that you’re really good at, love, and are passionate about is the thing that leaves a lasting impression. Especially to those who are watching.

People watching you are often the ones you impact the most.

Have you ever had someone come to you and tell you how much you’ve impacted them? How surprised were you to hear that you were a positive influence or role model, just by doing your thing?

This happens because it’s what you were designed to do, and those people were assigned to you.

Your purpose is wrapped up in your assignment.

Before you start reeling and thinking this is going way too deep for you and has you going down the path asking yourself, “what’s my purpose?”

You may want to give the post, One Common Purpose, a read. It may just help you realize, we all have ONE common purpose, and the thought of having an assignment makes a whole lot more sense.

Some of your assignments will be longer than others. Some will require much more energy and effort. Others will be shorter and may even require you to leave them with the decision on whether to be a part of your circle of influence.

Even more important than who is your assignment, is to keep your focus so that you’re not distracted from your purpose.

Distraction is a choice and knowing the areas you are prone to falling for is so imperative to your keeping focused!

Sometimes it’s hard to make wise choices see if this helps 👉 Choices Cheat Sheet

While I can’t determine what steals or keeps your focus, I can offer support when it comes to your places, spaces, and even your assignment.

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